Each of our APIs falls under a product line: Event Catalog, Inventory Management, Order Management, Sales Management, or Market Intel. You can review our APIs to learn more about what they offer. After you create your StubHub developer account and subscribe to our APIs, you can play around with the APIs to see how they work and figure out what you need.

When you need to make updates, using PATCH makes things easier because you can make a partial update instead of sending the entire payload. Let's say you need to update the price for your listing. You can just send the price update with PATCH in the payload instead of sending a PUT call with an entire payload.


When you make too many calls to a particular product line, you'll get a "too many requests" 429 error. The number of calls you can make per day depends on your plan. Check your plan for the call limits per product. In some cases, the limit is applied on an hourly basis, so for example, a limit of 500,000 calls/day becomes 21,000 calls/hour. If you think you're ready for an upgrade, submit an upgrade request by going to your Account section. Our governance team will review it and get back to you with a decision.


If you get a "resource forbidden" 403 error, it means you aren't subscribed to this API. You can edit your app to start subscribing to (or request to start subscribing to) the API.

If you just signed up for a new developer account, you can create an app by selecting one or more product lines. This will give you limited access to our APIs, so you can test & integrate them into your application. No approval is required.

Once you are satisfied with your integration and need higher call limits, you will need to submit an upgrade request. Our governance team will review it and get back to you with a decision. If you have any questions, please contact us.