API deprecation policy

Last update: July 16, 2018

At StubHub, we’re committed to offering you stable and relevant APIs. If we intend to discontinue or remove major features from an API, we’ll provide 60 days’ notice.

Here are the details of our deprecation policy.

  • We’ll indicate which API and which API version we’re deprecating.

  • If available, we’ll provide a new API to use instead of the deprecated API.

  • We’ll strive to make our APIs backward-compatible. If an API isn’t backward-compatible, it’s your responsibility to move to the new API within the deprecation period specified in our notification.

  • If an API creates a security risk, or if required by law or a third-party relationship (including changes in law or relationships), we may provide less than 60 days’ notice before making major changes or decommissioning APIs.

  • StubHub will not be liable for risks associated with the usage of decommissioned APIs.

API statuses explained

We'll let you know the status of an API on the Products page. Here's an overview of what each status means, how we'll maintain an API depending on its status and when we'll send a notification on an API's status.


API status Description Maintenance Notification
Active The API is live in production. You'll see "Active" next to the API name.   We're maintaining the API by fixing bugs and new features. We'll send a notification as soon as the new API is available.
Deprecated The API is live in production. You'll see "Deprecated" next to the API name. During the deprecation period, we'll only fix major bugs. We'll send a notification announcing that we're deprecating the API. We'll decommission the API at the end of the deprecation period (typically 60 days).
Decommissioned The API isn't available in production because the deprecation period has ended. We won't maintain decommissioned APIs.

We'll send a notification 6 days before decommissioning the API.